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Why choose From St Xavier?


From St Xavier places a strong focus on investing in communities with diverse artisanal skill sets in North India. We believe in the importance of heritage, and work closely with artists who flourish in traditional production methods that are rapidly being lost in our increasingly automated world.


Partnering only with SEDEX certified producers, we are dedicated to building ethical working conditions in global supply chains. We are proud to uphold these values, and consider them integral to the From St Xavier brand foundation, allowing for deeper and more meaningful collaboration with our makers.


All fibers used in the linings of our bags are recycled as means of reducing the problem of textile wastage within the fashion accessory and apparel industries. We formulate our designs around what raw materials are already available or remain from previous collections in order to mitigate any excess and wastage.

Bridal gets an update with the Wifey box clutch. Traditional colour palettes make the perfect styling accessory for your big day and beyond. 

Bridal clutches designed to suit any style and match any wedding dress. Whether you're after a unique beaded clutch, or perhaps an embellished drawstring bag, we've got you covered. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collaboration

From St Xavier began its collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in November 2018 with a collection of intricately beaded and embroidered clutches.

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