Our story

The From St Xavier (FSX) brand is synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and a refined aesthetic that perfectly merges prominent trends with the quintessentially quirky FSX personality. Each seasonal presentation works to explore a different set of industry-driven trends, whilst simultaneously experimenting with new textiles and hand-crafting techniques to ensure the art of traditional craft is kept alive.

A process possible only through passion for craft, our pieces can take up to four days and 20 hands to produce. Each of our signature embellished accessories is handled by several technician specialists from framers, embroiders, and bead specialists, ensuring the highest quality and imbuing our pieces with an authentic human touch.

From St Xavier holds sustainability and conscious production as core tenets of the brand identity. All fibers used in the linings of our bags are recycled as means of reducing the huge problem of textile wastage within the fashion accessory and apparel industries. We also formulate our designs around what raw materials (such as glass beads, sequins, gemstones, etc) are already available or remain from previous collections in order to mitigate any excess and wastage.

We strongly believe in upholding our social obligations as a brand, and by working with small artisanal communities across North India we are able to invest in a richly diverse skillset that is being lost in our rapidly automated world.

We also partner like-minded groups for limited edition designs including The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET, NYC) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA, Sydney).

Designed in Australia | Sustainably and ethically made in North India. 
SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) Certified