Meet The Makers

We are proud to say that all our product manufacturing still takes place in North India. We want you to get to know the people behind our bags. With each From St Xavier range we collaborate with our talented artisans.

Through this ‘Meet The Makers’ series, we are proud to introduce you to some of the incredible artisans we work closely with every day.

Deepa | Artisan

Deepa loves how her work has encouraged her to take more risks, and build a confidence in her craft. She takes pleasure in building and honing her skills, and is the proud sole bread winner of her family.

Fuleshri | Artisan

Fuleshri has created a strong career for herself as an artisan skilled in the finer details and intricacies of hand beading. She takes pride in being the first-generation woman in her family to work outside her community and in the city.

Manju | Artisan

Manju is a master at crocheting. She learnt her craft from her village elders and has honed her skills ever since. She takes great pride that her work is worn and admired by women all around the world.