Who Is From St Xavier?

The From St Xavier (FSX) brand is synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and a refined aesthetic that perfectly merges prominent trends with the quintessentially quirky FSX personality. Each seasonal presentation works to explore a different set of industry-driven trends, whilst simultaneously experimenting with new textiles and hand-crafting techniques to ensure the art of traditional craft is kept alive.

A process possible only through passion for craft, our pieces can take up to four days and 20 hands to produce. Each of our signature embellished accessories is handled by several technician specialists from framers, embroiders, and bead specialists, ensuring the highest quality and imbuing our pieces with an authentic human touch.

From St Xavier holds sustainability and conscious production as core tenets of the brand identity. All fibers used in the linings of our bags are recycled as means of reducing the huge problem of textile wastage within the fashion accessory and apparel industries. We also formulate our designs around what raw materials (such as glass beads, sequins, gemstones, etc) are already available or remain from previous collections in order to mitigate any excess and wastage.

We strongly believe in upholding our social obligations as a brand, and by working with small artisanal communities across North India we are able to invest in a richly diverse skillset that is being lost in our rapidly automated world.

We also partner like-minded groups for limited edition designs including The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET, NYC) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA, Sydney).

Designed in Australia | Sustainably and ethically made in North India. 
SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) Certified
Based on 57 reviews

This bag is beautiful and beautifully made!

Chill Zip Clutch
Netflix and...

For the times I'm not being a couch potato. So gorgeous! A perfectly beaded little red gem. I really should get out more.

Squad Box Clutch Blue
Anastasia Mina

As shown in photos , amazing quality , beautiful can't wait to hold it!

Scalloped Backpack Ivory
Artisan Lover
Stunning, divine, exquisite

This little bag is simply beautiful. It will be appreciated by all true artisan connoisseurs. I would like to see a variety of sizes.

Valentina Bag Silver
Brittany Reinhard

Little smaller than I expected but I love it

Daisy Box Clutch
Barbara Clarbull

The bag is so beautiful!!!!! My iPhone 11 does fit without the case. It does get a little hard to get it out so I just gently use my key to pop it out and it’s fine. Phone keys and lipstick fits . Gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Disco Zip Clutch
Ann Williams
Disco bag

Great item. It has a bit of character and that’s me to a tee😊

Jungle Leopard Foldover Clutch Beige
athena pathenon
Definitely highly Recommended

Absolutely AMAZING, im in love with this bag, Totally worth the money
Definitely would recommend to buy
fast delivery

Mius Foldover Bag Purple
Paula Hession
Really lovely bag

Thanks St Xavier!

Sabrina Box Clutch Black/White
Elena Hoy
The Meghan effect clutch

I wore this intricate monochrome clutch with a simple black dress to a wedding and it looked very classy!
It was the icing on the cake. Highly recommended

Rose Box Clutch Black
Raelene McConachy

Beautiful clutch, however only noticed dent on the bottom

Celestial Metal Ring Bag Gold
Diana K
Love love LOVE!

An absolute show stopper! Love my bag so much. Low key feel like Xena Warrior Princess

Wedding Clutch

Gorgeous! Unique, great quality. Will purchase from this store again.

Cuba Envelope Clutch
Emily Poynter
Absolutely fantastic

Clutch looks exactly like the picture, great quality and a super speedy delivery, definitely made a loyal customer. I haven’t been able to find products like this anywhere else.

Kalinda Metal Bag Gold
Tamara Z
Different colour

The bag itself is nice, however it is much darker than it looks in the photos. It’s more of a bronze colour than gold


Quality and style is gorgeous!


This clutch is so beautiful and matched with my dress perfectly. So happy to use it on my big day!

Mrs Box Clutch Ivory/Rose Gold

love it!!

classy, great quality, versatile - recommend!

Diamante Vine Foldover Red
Charlotte Culshaw

Diamante Vine Foldover Red


Beautiful clutches and delivery was swift will order again

Pearl Metal Bag Gold/Mint
Cathy Thompson
Add on to my previous review

I forgot to add if you make the pearl metal bag in same bead design and mixed colours as the scalloped drawstring bag that you have i will buy one of those too

Pearl Metal Bag Gold/Mint
Cathy Thompson

I bought the white pearl / gold metal colour.
I have a serious handbag problem i have many designer bags that i paid way too much for and also many that are not exoensive but all still beautiful.
For me it's the feeling the bag gives to me and out of my way too many handbags my Xavier White Beaded Gold Metal is the most beautiful, stunning, unique handbag that i so very proudly own..
The quality and workmanship is excellent, unbelievable for the small price i paid
It fits my phone, small wallet, keys, cigarettes, even a lipsick and a few loose tissues
I absolutely love it.
Complete strangers stop me to ask where i got it from.
It's the pride and joy of my entire handbag collection
I feel a million dollars when i am wearing it
A girl doesnt need anything else
Thank you for making such a masterpiece of beauty, quality and design

Wifey Box Clutch Ivory/Black
Renee Nunes de Almeida
The dream bag!

It’s everything I hoped for and much much more!! So stylish, great quality and very speedy delivery! Cannot wait to use for my special day!!

Wifey Box Clutch Ivory/Dark Gold
Kim S

The amount of comments I received on this clutch on my wedding day was incredible! Fabulous detailing, great quality and the perfect alternative to your typical bridal clutch. Love it!